“Our animal companions are the vibration and essence of nature sent to teach us of our reconnection.”

Kari Lesick has passionately worked in mainstream and complementary health and wellness for both people and animals for over twenty years. She uses BodyTalk, Linking Awareness and the wisdom from Traditional Native Teachings to work in sessions with families, couples, individuals (including youth at risk) and companion animals. Sessions facilitate mental, spiritual, emotional and physical change with an emphasis on life transitions such as youth to adult, career change, divorce, bereavement, end of life passage.

Traditional Native Teachings
July 7 & 8
Kelowna, B.C
Coordinator: Maureen Loft
Phone: 250.215.6130
Email: mloft2011@gmail.com

wellness + lifestyle + energetic facilitation

Contact Kari to find out what she has to offer you!
Phone – 1.250.878.2102
Email – klesick(at)gmail.com

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