When an animal shows mild signs of feeling “under the weather” or begins showing signs of stress in response to changes happening within the home, the BodyTalk Access for Animals techniques will help the animal’s body to initiate a healing response. At times this may be as simple as helping your pet to relax. The Access techniques can also be used to complement your animal’s veterinarian care and accelerate healing. For instance, administering the Access protocol is extremely beneficial after your animal is brought home from a surgical procedure.

BodyTalk Access for Animals can also be used to enhance performance and reduce anxiety. For instance, if you are working on training your dog, Access can be used to increase his ability to pay attention and learn quickly. Access can also be used to reduce nervousness or anxiety during performance work, such as agility competitions or show.

Through BodyTalk Access for Animals classes you will learn the 5 basic BodyTalk techniques; Cortices, SB Junction, Hydration, Body Chemistry, Reciprocals and the Fast-Aid procedure. This very informative class will not only help your pet but will also provide you with a unique way to connect and bond with your animal companion. Enhance your observational skills, allowing you to learn from your animal.

When we are balanced, our pets are balanced!

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