This exciting 3 day class takes place in the presence of our greatest teachers: Mother Nature and animals (both domestic and wild). This class can be held in a wide variety of active locations: a barn, local zoo, animal shelter, or animal sanctuary. Being in the presence of an animal allows us a glimpse of the natural consciousness to be totally in the moment, in our bodies, and connected to our environment.

This experience is a healing journey back into heart space, remembering your true nature. You will connect back into a state of awareness of your body and feeling your innate wisdom/intuition or “gut feelings”. Living in this space is natural for children and animals. The journey enhances your intuition by strengthening your ability to pick up and understand information or messages from sentient beings through your senses.

Animal archetypal energy, color therapy, St Germaine’s Flame, Rainbow Dolphin body, Blue Sirian Energy (Min Min lights) frequencies are shared on this path which takes you on a healing journey into self.

This workshop includes a PowerPoint presentation to help you learn and easily integrate the information. You will experience and practice different exercises and practical techniques with many different species. Depending on your area where the class is to be held you could be practicing on a dolphin, orangutan, or your very own parakeet. This course is NOT limited to only animals. You will be able to connect with trees, flowers, water and many other non verbal entities. This could include a non commutative person or also an in-utero baby! The options are endless!

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