Kari Lesick

Integrated Healing - Transitional Counseling

Connecting body, mind and spirit to the vibrant energy of life.


How Energy Healing Can Help You

Integrated Healing 

Communication is an integral component of healing. Communication with your body, mind, and spirit. When you understand how to open the lines of communication, with your partner, your family, your animal companion, or your own body, you will understand what causes you pain, and what you need to explore to heal and grow. With a background in mainstream and integrated health practices, Kari approaches healing from a holistic perspective, combining modalities to facilitate understanding, change and growth.

I have continued to use Kari’s services at Immaculata as I feel she develops a warm and trusting bond, no matter if it is a group setting or working with individuals. The kids love when she comes in with her dog(s) to work with them as they help create a more relaxed atmosphere so that they can open their creative minds. I find that Kari has an intuitive side to her that enables her to explore and explain to youth how their energy and emotions affect to others.
— Brian Drosdovech Counsellor/teacher, Immaculata High School, Kelowna B.C.

Transitional Counseling

Life Transitions: We all face difficult changes in our lives. It could be a divorce, moving home, starting a new job or a new relationship, a birth or a death; during these times of transition we can feel lost, confused, or anxious. We can become depressed or fall sick. Transitional energy healing helps you find your centre and your strength to help you approach change with courage. It can help you connect to an inner vibrant energy to let you release pain and move forward with joy and enthusiasm for the future.


Personal Sessions

Transitional energy healing sessions that focus on you. One-to-one sessions are designed to help understand you, your situation, and what you need to heal, grow and embrace the changes in your life with enthusiasm.

Traditional Native Teachings

The wisdom of Grandmother through Traditional Native Teachings and the Medicine Wheel help us make the journey from head space to heart space to nurture our spiritual, physical, mental and emotional well being.

Working with Youth - Teaching & Healing

Transitional energy healing and Traditional Native Teachings (TNT) helps our young people connect to nature, become grounded, and find their inner strength. When they are lost, it helps them find their way.


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Animal Communication with Your Animal Companion

I’ve spent countless hours researching, listening and experiencing our connection to our animals. Why do we choose to have them in our lives? What role do they play? Simple… they heal us.


Grieving for Your Pet

Our animal companions are more than pets - they are family members. When they are sick, we want to help them heal or help them pass on. Transitional grief healing helps you connect to the healing process to understand what your animal friend needs, and how you can help them. Transitional healing helps you let go with love and move on with peace in your heart.


Dog Training

Training your animal companion can seem like an impossible task when the lines of communication are broken. Learn how to understand the relationship and the family dynamic to build clear methods of communication and establish boundaries. In-depth animal communication training develops intuitive understanding and strengthens the bond between you and your dog.


Healing Workshops

Throughout my journey, I have had the incredible good fortune to meet teachers who shared their knowledge and wisdom with me. I now hold healing workshops and animal communication workshops to help others to embark on their own journey of wisdom, healing, learning, and loving.

Are you ready to connect to the vibrant energy of life?


Kari’s Journey

“Our animal companions are the vibration and essence of nature sent to teach us of our reconnection.”

Kari Lesick has passionately worked in mainstream and complementary health and wellness for both people and animals for over twenty years. She uses BodyTalk, non-verbal communication techniques, and the wisdom from Traditional Native Teachings to work in sessions with families, couples, individuals (including youth at risk) and companion animals. Sessions facilitate mental, spiritual, emotional and physical change with an emphasis on life transitions such as youth to adult, career change, divorce, bereavement, and end of life passage.