Animal Communication

Heal - Love - Trust - Relate

Animal Communication

Animals generally have a natural and strong desire to be healthy and well, but domesticated species are easily affected by the stresses of living in human environments. This stress can compromise their physical, mental, emotional and behavioural health. When an animal is physically not feeling well or is experiencing stress in his environment, he will usually exhibit specific behaviours to communicate these discomforts. These communications are typically misinterpreted as “bad behaviour.” My goal is to change unproductive training habits into a profound system of understanding and communication to improve physical and emotional health, as well as enhanced performance.

Grieving for an Animal Companion

For many of us, our animal companions are family members. They give us unconditional love and loyalty, and when they are sick or dying, it is an emotionally difficult time. The end of life process is never easy, there is often much confusion with belief systems, dealing with pet euthanasia, and trusting in intuitive decisions. Transitional healing can help both people and their pets with the end of life process. The transitional healing process helps owners grieving the loss of a pet through the grief towards a peaceful transition.

Animal BodyTalk

The BodyTalk System allows us to explore and balance the physical, emotional, and environmental experiences of the animal. Our animal companions (yes even a hamster) can reflect and mirror health or emotional issues you or a family member may be dealing with. They naturally reflect our states of mind, health, and belief systems. As a BodyTalk for animals practitioner, I will facilitate a process that will accelerate the physical healing process, reduce stress and anxiety in your animal, and enhance your understanding of your animal, thus deepening your bond.

Dog Training

Healthy people create healthy relationships with friends, family, and animal companions.

Your dog is in your emotions and energy 24/7 and is affected by your resonance. These training sessions will work with you in real-time situations empowering you with the tools to calm, educate and train you, and your dog.

I’ve dealt with everything from aggressive dogs, submissive peeing, and anxious dogs to puppies that just need to learn basic boundaries and manners. You name it, I’ve seen it! Every relationship involves different personalities and situations, and as a result, there are many different dynamics between animal and human that have unique requirements. This is why each appointment is individualized and catered to your specific needs and goals.

Learning how to communicate with animal companions, and understanding who your canine companion is, will give you a different perspective on your dog’s behaviour and what their needs are. These key elements of communication will help develop a better relationship with your dog built on trust, respect, and love.