The Power of our Animal Companions

Manu mid leap, happy to be running freely.

Manu mid leap, happy to be running freely.

We are so disconnected from Mother Earth and nature that maybe our animal companions are our only means of reconnecting to that rhythm.

Back in time we were a nomadic culture that was connected to the earth and its rhythms. Our “advancement” as a culture has made life much simpler technologically but very disconnected both personally and spiritually. We feel lost, depressed and alone. What if by being out in nature, our feet in the soil, still and hearing the Earth’s sounds we could begin to heal ourselves and our planet?

I’ve spent countless hours researching, listening and experiencing our connection to our animals. Why do we choose to have them in our lives? What role do they play? Simple….they heal us. They are unconditional love and see the bigger picture in life. We are caught in our own paradigm and see a sliver of the world through our blinders. I’ve watched again and again a dog go up to a person and lay their head on someone’s arm or lap shifting their energy. Much like wires running in the walls of a house we have meridians that run energy through our bodies. Sometimes this flow can get blocked. Our pets have the innate ability to sense these blockages and use their connectedness to the Earth to shift or open these portals. It’s no wonder that we feel such a sense of safety and contentment when we spend time holding and petting our animal companions.

The truth of the matter is that most people are “too busy” or afraid to get out in nature. Our animal companions are the vibration and essence of nature sent to teach us of our reconnection.

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