Don't Call Me Pet!
Dog-Manu, Kari Lesick.jpg


You are so noble,

Until the bitter end,

Your medicine is the teaching,

Of true and loyal friends.

Jamie Sams

Since time immemorial dogs and humans have been inseparable companions. Our canine cousins come into our homes, unconditionally, and become a devoted, loyal and trusted member of our families. When we are sad, in pain, or feeling lost, they are the first to be by our side steady in sharing their vision of us as whole, healthy beyond judgement, and held in unconditional love. They have become our partners, lovers, best friends, children, filling in the void where we experience imperfection.

For me, words hold a powerful vibration, a manifestation quality, and an energetic gateway. Words can make us feel loved or sting like the sharp edge of a knife. This is why I’m often drawn to contemplate or discern the words I use in conversation.

PET is one of those loaded words.

Close your eyes and repeat that word. Take a moment to let it resonate.

On a certain level, to me, the word ‘pet’ denotes ownership. And this is where the problem lies. With ownership comes objectification. Objectification opens up the parameters for mistreatment as there is no heart connection. Developing empathy and compassion moves us beyond objectifying an animal.

The word ‘pet’ does not relay the important role our animal companions play. When we open our minds to the greater abilities that are inherent within our animal companions, we begin to understand what we can learn from them.

I know Manu, the canine companion that has chosen to share her life with me, is much more than a pet. She is sensitive and brilliant. I often know how other people around me are feeling based on Manu’s actions and behaviours. She is instinctual and intuitive. She is a healer, and I have experienced many people feeling so much more grounded and calm just by being in her presence.

I choose to call her my animal companion -- not pet -- as I do not own her anymore than she can own me. We have a symbiotic relationship. I have a great deal of respect for who she is and her abilities. So, throughout this website, you will very rarely see the word pet.

This is my way of honouring the depth of relationships we have with the four-leggeds with whom we are blessed to share our homes and our lives.

"The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men."― Alice Walker