Finding Balance with the Medicine Wheel

As Above, So Below…

As Above, So Below…


The other morning, I woke up in a state of panic. I was feeling a bit anxious, and was getting bogged down in logistics, and very heady about problem solving a few things. I was preparing for an upcoming workshop and was worrying about going through all steps to make sure that I “knew” the details to be presented. Also, I was in the midst of a course with UBC that was predominately a mental task. I suddenly realized that I needed to reflect on where I was in my own relation to the Medicine Wheel.

Now let me back up and explain what I’m referring to: the teachings of the Medicine Wheel show us how important it is to be balanced — spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Much like a ball rolling across the floor, if one of these aspects is out of alignment or balance the ball wobbles. That wobble causes chaos with the ball’s ability to follow a path, and consequently, the ball moves in all sorts of random directions. Maybe it will make it from A to B or maybe it just bounces off things getting lost or bogged down. Sound familiar?

So, I realized with all of the mental tasks the past week had held that I was out of balance.

Somewhere deep inside me came the awareness that it was time to take a walk with some tobacco and smudge, and do a ceremony out in nature to honour the interconnectedness with the trees, stone people, and the elements: earth, air, fire, water, space.

Taking this time with Spirit, to just sit and allow Spirit to connect with my spirit was illuminating. I was awakened out of this meditation by the sound of a creaking tree swaying in the wind. Brother tree reminded me that I need to be grounded but also need the flexibility to move with the wind.  There are different winds which blow from the different directions; and in each there is a gift of adaptability as we learn how each movement is unique, and each brings lessons and truths. Too often we become set in our ways and can become rigid. I was grateful to the standing ones (the trees) who connect heaven and earth. Their message for me was to be flexible and to honour the things I need to do to feel stable in my own foundation.

This time spent on my Spiritual retreat allowed me to re-balance emotionally and spiritually. Now my mind and spirit can meet on a level playing field and bring out the best of each, working together instead of pushing and pulling.

I had the gift of experience in that magic time in the forest.  I became aware of the stories my mind was creating and how the response of my body and emotions made these stories “real.” Some of the stories my mind creates are misshapen thanks to a distorted relationship with fear.

Spirit helped me feel my truth and move beyond this.

Medicine Wheel is a powerful tool that can help us shift out of negative patterns and recognize what we need to accept or grow or change. The Medicine Wheel helps us connect to the divine energetic network that runs through all beings. The workings of the Medicine Wheel transcend space and time and the cynical mind. In truth, these teachings offer logical, practical, and sensible steps we can take to stay balanced.

How is your own Medicine Wheel today? Where may you be slightly out of balance and what are some things you can play with to help your ball roll from A to B with ease?

We all need guidance from time-to-time. Let’s connect to explore more of the teachings around the Medicine Wheel and how you can apply those teachings to your life.