Helping Our Youth

Heal - Trust - Laugh - Connect

Who This Can Help

A great many of our young people are struggling to find their way in this troubled world. Youths with depression and suicide is on the rise. And often, youth counselling for depression doesn’t reach deep into the spiritual and emotional body to help our youth heal from the inside out. Traditional teachings and transitional energy healing helps our young people to connect to an inner strength and intuitive understanding of who they are and what their place is in this world.

Dogs in Service

When working with our youth, I engage the assistance of Dogs in Service. These sensitive dogs are attuned to working with youth and help in a multitude of ways. The dogs instantly remove the flight or fight mentality. They break down barriers of defensiveness and fear to create an environment of safety and trust. The youth begin to notice the differences in the dog’s energies, and how the dogs use non-verbal communication. This opens discussion and awareness of the energy of people. They often humanize the dogs, projecting their own feelings on the dog, which helps them access their own emotions.

Traditional Native Teachings

To learn more about how the traditional native teachings and the transitional healing process can be integrated into youth workshops and one-on-one sessions, please contact me.