Personal Sessions

Heal - Grow - Explore - Change - Radiate

One-on-One Sessions

I believe we should do more than just survive or trudge through a 9-5; we should pulsate with the vibrant energy of life and thrive. And the good news is — we can!

We all have dreams, hopes and aspirations, but somehow, sometimes, some of us seem blocked, we can’t move to the next level, we are stuck in a rut, and we can’t seem to find a way forward. Transitional energy healing and traditional native teachings can help you find the heart space and head space you need to heal and connect to the vibrant energy of life. Each personal session will help you discover what you need, understand how to heal, and build the strength and courage to fly high.

Contact me to book a private session for people or for animals.

I have no hesitations in recommending Kari Lesick to work with kids, or adults for that matter. She is an insightful and intuitive person who provides help and guidance to all those she works and interacts with.
— Brian Drosdovech, Counsellor/teacher, Kelowna BC

Grief & Transitional Healing

For many of us, our animal companions are family members. They give us unconditional love and loyalty, and when they are sick or dying, it is an emotionally difficult time. The end of life process is never easy, there is often much confusion with belief systems, dealing with pet euthanasia, and trusting in intuitive decisions. Transitional healing can help both people and their pets with the end of life process. The transitional healing process helps owners grieving the loss of a pet through the grief towards a peaceful transition.

Traditional Native Teachings

TNT shares the teachings and tools to move into a new relationship with yourself. It helps you discover a new-found trust and clarity in moving forward, in how you make decisions, and how to respond rather than react. The teachings of the Medicine Wheel shares with us the importance of harmony and balance in a holistic way by nurturing our spiritual, emotional, physical and mental aspects equally.  As humans, we easily move in the physical and mental realms, sometimes too easily. We can put too much focus on the physical or mental getting stuck in our own stories and the illusions of what our thoughts tell us. Traditional Native Teachings gives sentience to all things and teaches us to live in a new paradigm. It helps us move from head space to heart space and empowers us to approach the next stage of our journey with courage and confidence.

Taking a step into an unknown world of exploration can be exhilarating and exciting and frightening all at the same time. A personal TNT session will introduce you to the power of traditional native teaching where each session will be tailored to your unique requirements. Contact me to discuss the process in more detail.

Dogs in Service

Dogs help bring us into the present moment. They create a safe space to feel. Sometimes, past trauma causes us to believe that if we don't feel anything, we can't be hurt again, so we shut down our emotions. Dogs in Service provide a safe space to open those lines of communication between our emotions and our present state. Their intuitive abilities and non-verbal means of communication help healing begin by breaking down barriers of defence and opening channels of acceptance.

Distance Sessions

If you live far or can’t travel, don’t worry. Distance sessions are available on request.